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almost 2 years ago


Sponsored by Kite Consultancy and in conjunction with British Dairying Magazine and the Cream Awards 2021

We are looking to highlight some of the UK's brightest and best young farmers, and would like to invite you to put forward a young farmer you know.

 Tell us something about this young dairy farmer and why they stand out from the rest. Please forward farm name and contacts and we will get in touch with the farmer to encourage them to enter the awards this year. The awards are organised by British Dairying magazine.

 The awards night provides a fantastic networking opportunity for winners and contenders so it's well worth putting someone forward. Depending on the current Covid crisis the event may take a different form this time round.

 If you know a young farmer that you would like to put forward please send me some information.


For further information:

Caroline Calder

Event Organiser Cream Awards for 2021

T 01892 231604