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over 1 year ago

Woman in Food & Agriculture

Following the success of the WFA Digital Festival back in December, the increasing need for interaction and connections for people of the food and agriculture industry became very clear.

So, to continue supporting the industry and mission, we invite you to join WFA Community a year-round content and networking hub for members who wants to achieve positive change. With 700 members already, the WFA Community is the industry platform promoting gender diversity in food and agriculture and by becoming a member, you will be an active part of the drive for change.

With WFA Community, members will have the chance to join a range of monthly interactive sessions including workshops, training sessions, and roundtables designed to inspire, provide learning experiences, and allow you to share experiences and ambitions with other like-minded members. In a year where face-to-face contact has been limited, it will provide a place for you to meet others through structured networking sessions, group discussions on key topics, and one to one networking using a specialised AI matching tool.

WFA Community will let you discuss the biggest challenges facing the sector, work towards improving diversity, access advice and opinions and actively network with members of this growing movement.

For further information: Registration 2021 - Women In Food and Agriculture (