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almost 5 years ago

WANTED - Strategic Dairy Farm

WANTED - Strategic Dairy Farm – An AYR Calving, 365 housed herd in Northern England or Scotland to act as a Strategic Dairy Farm.  The outline proposal is that a Strategic Dairy Farm will be system specific (system defined mainly by calving pattern and grazing days) and that you will be willing to share technical and financial KPI’s with other farmers in order to allow them to benchmark their farm system and in order to drive the uptake of best practice and create Knowledge Exchange between dairy levy payers.  Strategic Dairy Farm’s will be used to test (with your agreement) and showcase research or best practice in a commercial environment and as a strategic dairy farm you will have access to a team of AHDB and industry recognised experts and have the opportunity to be part of AHDB Dairy funded research and test the latest research based thinking on your farm.  Results of this research will help form the basis of technical and financial KPI’s for that defined system.  As part of the initiative, we would expect that you would be willing to host 3 to 4 AHDB Dairy on-farm events each year to showcase relevant learnings.


There are massive benefits to be had both by the host farmer in terms of support and feedback from industry and other farmers and for farms in the area in terms of having a Strategic Dairy Farm as a “base” for holding technical meetings and workshops.


If this is of any interest or you would like to discuss further, please get in touch directly with


Becki Leach  / Knowledge Exchange Manager
Knowledge Exchange Dairy 
Technical Directorate
Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board

M: 07595415756