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over 2 years ago

Viking Genetics In Scotland

VikingGenetics is one of the largest AI-companies in the world owned by 20,000 farmers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. We use the newest techniques in our effective breeding program and genomically test over 6,000 VikingHolstein, VikingRed, and
VikingJersey bulls each year to select around 290 of them for the breeding programme.

The goal for VikingGenetics is to provide dairy farmers around the world with genetics that provide a balance between production and health, to ensure a successful future for the dairy business. That means "breeding for what truly matters", a healthy, high-producing cow, the invisible cow that makes daily life as a dairy producer as easy as possible. Nordic countries are the pioneers in breeding for health, and we have been doing it since the 80's.

For further information, visit the website

or contact Brandon Murdoch who is based and working throughout Scotland.

Mob: 07816314413