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over 5 years ago

Unique Automation Products for the Dairy Industry


Entry-level automated drafting for all milking systems. A unique separation gate for separating animals after milking for attention such as hoof trimming, health attention, heat detection, Vet PD etc.

  •  Simple automated two-way or three-way drafting.
  • Flexibility to schedule drafts when and where you need to – from your smart phone/tablet.
  • Ability to create drafts from the back of the farm.
  • Robust drafting gate. 


This system is one of the only systems in the world which uses specialised camera and heat patch technology to identify cows on heat. The cows walk through the heat detection booth twice or three times a day after milking and apicture of the animal’s heat patch is taken to determine if the animal is on heat. Animals with activated or missing heat patches are automatically drafted, ready for the farmer to inspect and put up for AI.


Saber SCC are automated, in-line sensors that provide a live SCC result within two minutes of cupping the cow.

  •  SCC results displayed live on your smart phone/tablet.
  • Early warning signs of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis.
  • Improved bulk SCC management.

The somatic cell count of a milking cow is a good indication of udder health and the instance of mastitis in the herd so this information is very valuable to the farmer. Usually, this information is only available to the farmer via a test done manually by them, a sample being sent off each month when herd recording is done, or by the vet if the farmer wants to know urgently about the animal. For more information download the attached PDF or contact the following:


Jonathan Neville

Mob: 07881942443  


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