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over 2 years ago

Student Looking For Role

Iam  a student of Unilasalle, an engineering school of agriculture in France (Rouen). I would be very interested in doing a 4 months internship in your structure from May until August 2020.

 I need to do some research project during my first year of master, the best option would be an office environnement based in the Agricultural sector

 Since 10 years old, I have been helping my dad every summer with his farm of dairy cows. During one month, in summer 2016, I worked in a goat farm, helping with milking and cheese production. I also lived 5 months in the Philippines, from August to December 2018, studying animal science at Salikneta University.  I have got my driving licence so I am able to drive if needed.

 Please find attached my resume in the PDF,  feel free to contact me,

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