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over 1 year ago

Stop the rise of Mycoplasma bovis

 Mycoplasma bovis is an infectious pathogen in cattle that causes a range of clinical signs which have significant economic and welfare impacts. Symptoms of M. bovis include pneumonia and a head tilt in young stock, and mastitis and arthritis in adult cattle.

 Treatment options are limited and no commercial vaccines are available. We are concerned that this disease is becoming more common in Scotland.

 SRUC is running a project to determine the presence of M. bovis across the Scottish dairy industry. The information collected will help develop more structured control plans for this disease to limit spread between and within herds, help manage the welfare and economic effects and reduce the reliance on antimicrobials.

 Participants will be asked to:

• Complete a simple questionnaire on farm structure and management

• Submit 4x bulk tank milk samples over a period of 1 year with a submission form

 All testing is free of charge. We will report your own herd status to you and your registered veterinary practice.

 If you would be interested in participating in this project, please get back to us with your farm name and address so we can send you more details via:


 Text: 07785382371

 See the attached PDF for more info

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