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about 5 years ago

Slurrycell does it!

Slurrycell is a management tool designed to reduce costs and enhance fertilising qualities of your slurry.

The complex of fibre-digesting bacteria and enzymes makes Slurrycel suitable for all slurry stores, pits and slatted buildings, ensuring that the resulting liquid is always ready for spreading by pipeline or tanker.

An aid to good management in all slurry systems:

  • Reduced maintenance time and cost
  • Lower ammonia levels in buildings
  • More consistent slurry quality
  • Reduced plant burn
  • Improved soil structure
  • Reduced environmental pollution

Slurrycell solutions:

  • Breaks crusts
  • Reduces nitrogen losses
  • Improves solids breakdown
  • Reduced need for stirring
  • Easier and quicker to pump out
  • Fewer umbilical blockages
  • Lower odour

Slurrycell results:

  • 55% less NH3 Ammonia
  • Increased NH4 Ammonium
  • Increased soil bacterial population
  • Increased microbial soil protein
  • Increased soil N reserves, over time
  • Lower losses to leaching, runnoff and volatilisation
  • Less pollution
  • Reduced crop scorch/burning

See attached the handy slurrycell calculator.

More more information visit:

or call Alec on 07718905625


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