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over 2 years ago

Reducing phosphorus losses from UK dairy farms

Reducing phosphorus losses from UK dairy farms has both environmental and cost benefits

The University of Reading, in collaboration with Harper Adams University, is looking for 50 dairy farms across the UK to participate in a project looking at best practices to reduce phosphorus losses. 


Participating farms are being asked to complete a simple form to collect data on the amount of annual phosphorus being imported into and exported out of their farm (i.e. information on livestock, feed, fertiliser and milk). In cases where the phosphorus content of feeds, manure and soil is unknown, a one-hour farm visit to collect samples for analysis can be arranged. 


Farms involved in the project receive a report on their phosphorus performance to help identify areas to improve phosphorus efficiency on-farm. Anonymous data from all participating farms is also included, for bench-marking performance. 


This project is part of a three year PhD studentship funded by the AHDB. For more information or to get involved please contact Brad Harrison ( 

See attached PDF for further information...


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