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about 4 years ago

Grant Announcement

-The Young Farmers Start-up and New Entrants Start-up Grants have been extremely popular since they were launched in 2014 and have so far injected millions of pounds into the Scottish rural economy, while also helping young and new farmers get a foothold in the industry.


Following the September 2017 application intake, it was announced on 17 March 2018  that a further £4.2m of start-up grants will be awarded to create or develop 81 new farming businesses across Scotland. However, despite the budget for these schemes already being increased, demand for this funding has outweighed supply and the 2014-2020 SRDP allocation of £14m has now been fully used.


There are no current plans to open future application windows for these schemes. However, this may change in the future, should any additional funds become available across the SRDP. The Scottish Government also continues to seek confirmation about the funding implications of Brexit. 


Within overall budgetary constraints, Scottish Ministers will continue to look for ways to put more money into these schemes and, if new funding rounds are possible, we will make sure customers are kept fully up-to-date on how and when they can apply. In the meantime, the New Entrant Capital Grant Scheme remains open to applications.