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over 4 years ago

How To Secure Finance for SAYFC members

Interested in learning “How to secure finance? but not sure where to start.? SAYFC partner the Royal Bank of Scotland is offering a one-day session designed to answer just that question, exclusive for SAYFC members.

The one-day session will cover:

  1. What does the bank look for in funding applications
  2. What can help you access funds
  3. What hinders you
  4. How can you spread the risk
  5. What is security
  6. How do the markets and volatility impact securing finance
  7. What happens to your business when you remove subsides and grants
  8. How important is a business plan
  9. Credit
  10. Clauses
  11. Insurance
  12. Bank loan applications – what to include

Who can book a session?

The sessions are open to any SAYFC member but we ask for a minimum group size of 8.

They can be delivered at a location and date of your choice, subject to RBS availability

How to book a session?

1. Email with

  • Proposed date
  • Proposed venue (this is to be booked by you, and if there is a cost covered by the group)
  • A list of the members and their club

2. SAYFC will speak to RBS to confirm if these dates and venues are available, and come back to you with a response.