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Harbro supports farmers to reduce their carbon footprint

 At Harbro we are committed to developing sustainable agriculture systems which protect natural resources at the same time as meeting the food requirements of a growing population. Our R&D team spearhead a number of projects with universities and research institutes across the globe harnessing the power of research, technology and innovation to deliver efficiencies to the supply chain.

Willie Thomson, Harbro technical director explains, "one very practical way in which we’re driving efficiency starts with the rumen, and our approach focusses on delivering nutritional solutions to make the rumen more efficient." Rumitech is one such product that improves the efficiency of the rumen. Available in a variety of formats, for both dairy and beef cows, Rumitech is a feed additive that significantly reduces the amount of methane produced by the animal, enhancing rumen function and maximising performance.

After an independent review of evidence, The Carbon Trust has provided assurance that Rumitech can significantly reduce enteric methane emissions and improve feed efficiency in dairy and beef cattle, without affecting productivity. Harbro trials have shown that the correct use of the product, within a predominantly forage-based diet, reduces dairy or beef enteric methane emissions by 17.7% per litre of milk (+/- 5%)*, and dairy or beef enteric methane emissions by 6% per day (+/- 2%)*.

It is a key component of the Harbro product portfolio and when used as part of a consultative data driven approach, delivers significant financial benefits.

Available as a blend or compound, or as part of an on-farm mineral pack, the product can be easily introduced to the ration with visible effects seen within a short period of feeding. There are also many secondary benefits to feeding Rumitech, such as improved grading and killing out percentages, improved fertility, reduction in feed intake and a reduction in cases of ketosis.

Harbro are working with key players in the supply chain and related industries to roll out the product, including ECO-2 who audit carbon emissions on farm, with the feeding of the product having now been included within their protocol.

To help communicate the part that Rumitech can play in reducing the methane released by ruminants, Harbro have created a fun animation, ‘Less gas, more profit’ that will be launched at AgriScot, in the Royal Highland Centre on 21 November. It will also be used in educational talks and presentations to help raise awareness of the environmental impact of agriculture to a wider audience.

To watch ‘Less gas, more profit’ visit the Harbro YouTube channel or visit Harbro’s website for more information.

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*when used correctly within a predominantly forage based diet.

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