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7 months ago

Grant funding

According to the Scottish Government’s 2018-2032 Climate Change Plan, approximately 73% of Scotland’s land area is designated as agricultural. This means Scottish farming businesses have a vitally important role to play in helping the Government to achieve its climate change ambitions.

The Scottish Government provides grant funding for a number of initiatives designed to help farming businesses adapt or improve their practices to become more sustainable and have less of an impact on the environment. Of particular focus is helping agri businesses to better understand and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan highlights various actions farming businesses can take to improve their GHG emissions. These include: taking a holistic approach to protecting and enhancing soil, optimising land use, tackling livestock disease, using the best technology available, maximising input efficiency, turning wastes into a resource (such as establishing renewable energy sources), and sequestering carbon in woodlands and soil.

Adopting such actions not only helps agri businesses to reduce their GHG emissions, but it can also help to improve animal health and welfare, provide cleaner water and air, benefit biodiversity, improve soil quality and increase the financial security of a business.

Through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), Scottish farming businesses can access up to a total of £3,700 in funding to secure expert business development advice to help improve performance in one or more of the Government’s recommended areas.

To apply for support or find out more information about FAS services, please visit  Alternatively, call 0300 323 0161 or email advice@fas.sco