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over 6 years ago

Free monitoring service helps keep transition cows in good health

The service involves monthly visits to the farm by a member of the TMS team. They assess the body condition and rumen fill of the fresh calvers and cows in the close-up dry period. They collect farm data on metabolic disease incidence, and from the herd’s milk records, information on cell counts and milk quality of individual cows is also taken. All this data is then compiled into a report which highlights where attention is needed to safeguard cow health and performance.

Premier Nutrition’s Dr Donald Lawson explains: “A poor transition into lactation not only results in production losses, but also has implications for long-term herd health. The monthly TMS reports monitor performance of individual cows and the transition group as a whole, and so it is easy to see where changes are needed.”

To find out more on the TMS service, dairy farmers and nutritionists can call Premier Nutrition’s Dr Donald Lawson on 07779 114078.