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almost 4 years ago

Free e-learning module on non-technical skills in farming

Check out the FREE elearning module on non-technical skills in farming via the Lantra website:

Developed in partnership with Dr Amy Irwin from Aberdeen University, this course focuses on the delivery of essential non-technical skills on farms. 

Over familiarity can often lead to complacency. This course illustrates how, by undertaking a straightforward, online course, your risk can be minimised, and more importantly, your farm can become a safer place to work.

This course covers; what are non-technical skills, situation awareness, decision making and task management.

The course materials are supplied by the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Copyright reserved.   

Product delivery: Online training and survey (1 modules)
Duration: (approx) 30-40 minutes
Equipment requirements: Online access, suitable PC, Laptop, Tablet
Price - FREE