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Finance for Farming

NFU Scotland has partnered with Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited (SGEF) to offer its members access to the broad range of flexible finance solutions from one of the leading providers of equipment finance.   For fully paid up NFUS farming members, there is an exclusive benefit whereby you will be eligible to claim a % rebate* of the interest payable on any new finance agreement that you take out with SGEF commencing from 03 01 2018.   All finance is for business purposes only. 

SGEF will finance all types of equipment, machinery, vehicles and building that you need to run your farming business.

Exclusive Affinity Partnership Member benefits

  • Cash rebate - calculated as a percentage of the total interest charged*

  • Dedicated NFUS member telephone line

  • Experienced Agricultural Account Manager available for farm visits

  • Access to Fertiliser funding**

Benefits of why your business should finance with SGEF

  • Any make of equipment/machinery/vehicle can be financed, it can be new or used

  • ‘Pay as you use’ avoiding high upfront capital costs
  • Increase your competitiveness and productivity with new equipment/machinery
  • Retain any capital for other investments in your core business areas
  • Financing enables you to acquire more equipment than a cash purchase – you get more for your money
  • Affordability – enables investment in multiple assets at the same time
  • Any existing credit lines with your bank(s) remain unaffected
  • Improve your cash flow - budgeting is made easier as repayments are predictable and  can be fixed or flexible
  • Inflation proof rentals which are generally tax allowable
  • Competitive funding rates with flexible payment terms
  • Prompt, efficient and experienced team ready to help you
  • Seasonal payment structures available to match “your business” cash flow
  • Funding to the Agricultural sector since 2006
  • Leasing Life award winning funder since 2010


Equipment typically financed can include:

  • Tractors, trailers, sprayers, harvesters, balers, cultivators, drills

  • Farm vehicles and ATVs, tyres for commercial vehicles, agricultural building

  • Milking parlours and robotic systems

  • Dairy/beef/sheep breeding stock

  • Grain handling, food production line/packaging

  • Clean and Renewable technologies such as LED lighting, air and ground source heat pumps, roof mounted solar pv panels, CHP systems


Finance products available include:

  • Hire Purchase – ideal for businesses wanting to own the asset at the end of the finance period.

  • Finance Lease – best suited for businesses not wanting to own the asset, but needing to have the ‘use’ of it for a fixed period of time – ideal for contract based work.

  • Business Loan – available for businesses wanting to raise funds for the non-asset investment such as buildings or breeding livestock.

Since 2010 Societe Generale Equipment Finance has been an award winning funder from Leasing Life, the journal for Asset Finance.

Winning categories include:

  • Vendor Finance Provider of the Year

  • European Lessor of the Year

  • SME Champion Europe of the Year


For a finance quotation, please contact SGEF Agriculture Sales Team

0208 629 8383



Terms and Conditions

Finance for UK business purposes only.

*Members’ rebate finance offer only available to fully paid up Farming NFUS members.

The Members’ rebate figure paid out is calculated using the total amount of interest charged, divided by the interest rate at the time of the deal, multiplied by the 0.5% rebate percentage.  The interest rate may vary according to the cost of funds. 


All finance quotations are subject to credit underwriting and approval. Over 18s only. Minimum deal size is £1,500 + VAT. Terms and conditions apply. * Members rebate finance offer only available to fully paid up Farming NFUS Members (excluding Fertiliser Funding). ** Fertiliser funding only available on 12 month finance term. Minimum fertiliser funding value £1,500 pa, maximum fertiliser funding value £10,000 pa.

Finance is provided by Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited. Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited is a member of the Finance & Leasing Association. Societe Generale Equipment Finance Limited is a patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.


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