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almost 2 years ago

Entrepreneurs in Dairying

This business training programme for aspiring dairy producers is organised by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers in collaboration with The Andersons Centre, AHDB Dairy and the NFU. 

Now in its seventh year Entrepreneurs in Dairying has seen over 250 applicants successfully complete the course, all from varying backgrounds within or related to the industry.  The course has been integral to the students, providing them with the contacts and connections to go on and establish their own businesses, whether it be share partnerships, joint ventures, tenancies or development of their existing businesses.

The 2020 course will return again this autumn with the majority of content delivered virtually.

The programme:

  1. Understanding the Milk Market, with AHDB

  2. People Management, delivered by Paul Harris, Real Success (split into 2 sessions)

  3. Tax and Trading Structures, delivered by local experts

  4. Finance, with Tony Evans from Andersons (split into 2 sessions)

  5. Business plan and funding your new business with HSBC

  6. Succession Planning  with Sian Bushell Associates

  7. Future Opportunities with Tony Evans from Andersons

  8. Final session (two full days) including a farm visit and day session at NFU, Warwickshire looking at Climate Change and ‘Where are they now?’ with past Entrepreneurs.

All courses start in October 2020. We intend to group applicants by their location for sessions as follows (however if you are not able to attend on the allocated day for your location please let us know and we will try to accommodate you on a different day):

Tuesday am: Wales

Tuesday pm: South & South West

Weds am: Midlands & Eastern

Thursday am: North, North West & North East

Thursday pm: Scotland & Northern Ireland

Cost £325

If you have any questions about the course or would like more information on Entrepreneurs in Dairying please contact Rachel Bowcutt

How to apply