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about 5 years ago

Continental cross bull calves wanted

We are looking for a regular supply of continental cross  bull calves, weaned and ideally dehorned and vaccinated, from 10 weeks of age upwards.


Volumes we are looking for is around 10 per week, but obviously this can be in larger batches less regularly. Up to 500 per year.


Some people may only have them at certain times of year, and this is also fine for us.

We are happy to travel anywhere in Scotland to see bulls initially, and then arrange for regular consignments thereafter.


All cattle must be from Farm assured Scottish farms , but if under 14 weeks of age, these can be red tractor or other dairy farm assurance scheme members.  Calves older than 14 weeks ( 100 days) must then be from QMS assured farms. The Scotch brand allows calves from the dairy herd that have been under a dairy assurance scheme for the first 100 days of life.


If interested, please contact Stuart Martin at the Scottish Dairy Hub on 03454 755110 / 07500 766083 or