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Apprentice Employer Grant

The Scottish Government recognises the severe impact of the economic decline caused by COVID-19 on individuals and the consequences this has had on unemployment and employment opportunities. In direct response to this, Scottish Government have increased support for Apprenticeships by offering an Apprenticeship Employer Grant (AEG).

In essence this grant is a financial incentive to take on an apprentice. The funding covers all sectors in Scotland, is time limited and hence farmers need to move quickly.

The Apprentice Employer Grant, worth up to £5000 to an employer. This is time limited opportunity ending at the 25 March

The AEG will support recruitment of new Apprentices in the following circumstances:

  • new recruits within 4 months of the start date with the Employer; and
  •  existing employees already in the workplace who have moved into a new role within 4 months from the date of registration of the apprenticeship and where the apprenticeship provides the means of upskilling for this new job

The AEG offers a contribution of:

  • £5000 for each eligible Apprentice who is in the 16-24 age group.
  • £5000 for each eligible Apprentice who is aged 25-29 and are disabled, care experienced or Black Minority Ethnic (BME); or
  • £3,500 per each eligible Apprentice who is aged 25 plus.

Skills Development Scotland will accept AEG applications up to 5pm, 25 March 2021. Only the Provider (a college or approved provider), appointed by the Employer to provide the training and/or assessment services to the Apprentice, shall be entitled to apply for the AEG in conjunction with the Employer.

Any farmer interested should in the first instance contact your local college or other providers, and request support in an application (the Lantra toolkit has contact details). The apprentice can be new ‘recruit’ or upskilling existing staff. The local college, machinery rings or Lantra may have young people they can identify.

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