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over 1 year ago

Advanced Dairy Management Course


The principal objective is to deliver advanced management training for dairy herd managers, present or future, with the essential skills and knowledge to allow them to thrive within a modern dairy farming industry.

The course covers all critical areas of modern day dairy farming and will focus on providing management tools and knowledge which can be utilised on a day to day basis to achieve best practise. 

The course comprises of six, two-day courses. The course content will be delivered by industry professionals providing a current and expert view. The course will be based at the Newton Rigg College dairy farm and will be a mixture of classroom based theory and on-farm practical demonstrations and exercises.

Each module provides focused and comprehensive best practice training within dairy farming with the aim of providing a complete dairy training programme.

The course will be assessed on a modular basis. This will be based upon short answer written assessments and practical demonstrations of knowledge.  

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