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almost 6 years ago

Accelerate Calf Performance

Trials of new product Axcelera-C show that:

1. Calves grow faster.
2. Have faster rumen development through solid food intake.
3. Calves can wean earlier with reduced growth check at weaning.
4. Reduces the incidence and severity of nutritional scouring.

Extensive AB Neo-commissioned study and trial work shows that accelerated calves grow faster and their daily intakes are significantly greater when offered Axcelera-C. Research also indicates that Axcelera-C reduces the incidence and severity of nutritional scouring in calves – a common problem that can lead to other performance and health issues.

Farmers know that the better start a calf gets the more productive it is for the rest of its life. In beef this means healthy accelerated growth to slaughter and in dairy, it means improved lifetime milk yield, longevity and fertility.


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