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The Innovation Game


But solutions need to be fit for purpose, and that means involving those who will be affected in building them. Scotland’s Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) has a unique, bottom-up approach to innovation in agriculture that gets real results without wasting resources.

RISS allocates a facilitator to drive activity: to scope existing work, bring in the right people, organise meetings and get the group to a project plan.

From building blockchain for food traceability, to tackling potato pests with shellfish waste, or rebuilding a sugar beet industry in Scotland, RISS, led by Soil Association Scotland, is supporting farmers to work with industry members, academia and others to find local solutions to global problems. We call that farmer-led innovation.

Come and play The Innovation Game online on March 15 to experience the RISS approach, and hear from five, farmer-led groups who played in real life, and won.  

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