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New Red Tractor standard on calves and how to comply


The welfare of dairy-bred calves is a key area of focus within the industry. The rearing of dairy-bred calves for the beef market on farm remains high, and a number of industry initiatives continue to champion improvements in calf health, welfare and survival.

Join AHDB, Red Tractor and NFU for a panel discussion on:

  • New Red Tractor standard on calves and compliance
  • What to do if you are under TB restrictions
  • The different dairy-bred beef supply chains and recognising their strengths and weaknesses
  • AHDB Youngstock and beef rearing resources to assist you

On the panel we have Warwickshire dairy farmer and Chair of the Red Tractor Dairy Board, Angela Rhodes. Dairy farmer and chair of the NFU Cymru Milk Board, Abi Reader and Laura Awdry, a calf rearer from Wiltshire.

In Britain we pride ourselves in being pioneers in dairy cattle welfare. It is a top priority for the sector, and our farmers take the lead to develop and enforce the highest animal welfare standards on our farms. There is still room for improvement, and as an industry we must continue to challenge ourselves to keep progressing in these areas. The Dairy Calf Strategy highlights the top priorities for industry and can be found here.

The new Red Tractor Standard can be found here.

Who should attend?

Any farmers who want to hear about the new Red Tractor Standard and are interested in providing the best environment and management methods to raise healthy, profitable calves. 

To register: GB Dairy Calf Strategy | AHDB