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New Developments in the Dairy Sector


Over the next five years, the dairy industry is going to be faced with challenges that will have a significant impact on the sector’s future. During this webinar, chaired by Professor Dave Roberts, Head of Agriculture and Business Management at SRUC, our expert panel including Dr Jeffery Bewley, Mr Nic Parson and Prof Ian Givens, will identify what immediate and future steps need to be taken to help organisations navigate these obstacles, so they can continue to thrive. This includes addressing how we move towards zero carbon farming, as although this is an aspect championed by the Government and milk buyers, it must be understood that to be achieved successfully, it requires a multi-faceted approach and there is no one suit all solution. Although the industry faces its challenges, there are some wins to be gained, which will help farms reduce carbon emissions and improve their economic sustainability. The event is being held at BSAS 2021 as a stand-alone symposium. There is no charge for this webinar.

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