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Mastitis - it’s time to make a change


Join us for a webinar with Adrian Bland, Cumbrian strategic dairy farmer, and Dr James Breen while they discuss the improvements made since Adrian adopted the QuarterPRO approach to improve Somatic Cell Count (SCC) and reduce clinical mastitis case incidence in his dairy herd.

Adrian and James have worked together to generate useful data from milk recording and clinical mastitis data to identify key management areas and highlight improvements using the QuarterPRO initiative.

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The webinar will also highlight:

  • Some of the key management areas that Adrian addressed and reacted upon
  • Which management changes were put in place
  • The impact these changes had on new high SCC infections
  • The available AHDB pattern specific resources and why it's important to review your mastitis infection pattern on a quarterly basis to monitor progress and changes in udder health patterns

Listen to the initial webinar with Adrian and James where they first discuss the QuarterPRO approach.

About Ninezergh Farm

The Bland family has been tenants at Ninezergh Farm since the 1960s. The farm is now being managed by Adrian Bland in partnership with his wife and father.

Based in Levens, Cumbria, the farm is split across four separate blocks with some parkland which has to be managed accordingly. The herd is currently made up of 120 autumn calving crossbred cows achieving 8,000 litres of milk per cow per year milking twice per day.