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Managing the Transition Cow for Health and Performance

Brian Yates, East Logan Farm, Castle Douglas,DG7 1NX

This event will highlight the latest research carried out by SRUC and industry and its practical application to improve the management and performance of transition cows over the calving period and in early lactation.

Topics for discussion and speakers are:
• Stillbirth Causes and Investigation in the Dairy Herd
- Tim Geraghty (SAC Consulting Veterinary Services)

• Effect of Social Stress and Monitoring Systems
for Transition Cows
- Katrina Henderson (SAC Consulting Veterinary Services)
and Andrew Pine (Premier Nutrition)

• Transition Cow Management at East Logan
- Hugh Kerr (Nutritionist) and Alistair Padkin
(Nithsdale Vets Limited)

• Feeding the Transition Cow – Is it Working?
- Lorna MacPherson (SAC Consulting) and Alastair Macrae
(The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies)

• Early Lameness Intervention and its Impact on Fertility
- Justin Birch and Willie Cuthbertson (Ice Robotics)

Lunch will bew provided, please book a place using the contact details below


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