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LILIS (Livestock in Low Input Systems)

Barnside, Abbey St Bathans, Duns, TD11 3TX

The annual LILIS conference looks at the successes and challenges of livestock production in low-input farming systems such as upland, organic and high-nature-value (HNV) farms.

The 2018 LILIS conference is held by kind permission of Charley and Andrea Walker, Scottish Sheep Farmers of the Year in 2017. Charley and Andrea farm 800 ewes and 90 Welsh Black cows on 250ha in the hills above Duns in the Scottish Borders. Organic since 2004, Charley and Andrea are scrupulous in their attention to grazing management, genetic selection and business performance. Their aim is to produce easily managed, productive cattle and sheep by running low cost, simple systems which leave a respectable margin and time for family and social life.

The theme of LILIS 2018 is Farming for Lifestyle: how a work-life balance can be achieved without sacrificing farm profit.

LILIS delegates will also hear from Andre van Barneveld of Graise Consultancy, expert in grass production for profit and performance.

In 2018 SOPA celebrates 30 years of serving the Scottish organic scene and we are very pleased to co-host LILIS with Organic Farmers and Growers.