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Improving fertility in spring-block-calving-herds


Join us to learn about practical ways to improve your herd fertility with brothers James and Wallace Hendrie of Millands Farm in Ayrshire.

The Hendrie’s want to improve fertility in their spring block calving herd to achieve 90% in calf at 12 weeks and an empty rate below 10%.

In this webinar, you will learn more about their work as they share a review of the previous calving season, their current fertility figures and actions they are adopting now and in the long-term.

They’ll be joined by vet Dr. Dave Gilbert who will examine the farm’s fertility performance for the 12-week spring block herd, their mating targets and highlight critical areas to improve fertility.

In this session you will learn more about:

  • Millands Farm’s herd performance and fertility targets
  • Key considerations when aiming for a 6-week in-calf rate
  • The importance of 21-day submission rates
  • Improving conception and empty rates

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