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Futureproofing farm infrastructure


If you’re interested in developing infrastructure to drive performance and efficiency, this webinar will look at getting the most from cow housing and slurry systems.

Investing in farm infrastructure for the 21st Century is tricky. Not only does it have to consider cow comfort and current regulations, but also be able to meet rapidly changing environmental requirements whilst not over-stretching you financially.

The Tucker family will share their approach as they consider moving from loose housing to cubicles and a slurry system to help with ease of management for their 222 spring calving cows.

We want to make the session as interactive as possible, so we’d love you to sign up and share your experience if you’ve recently invested in cow housing or slurry storage.

David Ball, AHDB Buildings and Environment specialist will lead a discussion with the Tuckers about the options for improvements, including:

  • Getting it right for cow comfort, health and productivity
  • Compliance with NVZs, SAFFO and upcoming ammonia regulations
  • Creating a simple system that works for cows and people
  • Cost – what’s the wisest investment for a spring-calving herd?
  • Other considerations – stocking rate, bedding type/frequency, housing period


Who should attend this webinar?

Anyone interested in developing your infrastructure and systems to drive performance and efficiency.

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