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EuroDairy Webinar: Resource Efficiency on EuroDairy Pilot Farms

Online Event Only

Within the EuroDairy Network, 113 of the innovative pilot farmers measured their resource efficiency for 2016 and 2017. The data collected provides a unique overview of how efficiently dairy farmers across Europe are managing their on-farm resources. 

Join Jouke and Sylvain for this webinar delving into the data that shows variation in efficiency across Europe. During the webinar, sharing lessons learned will explain how productivity, economics and resource efficiency are all inter-linked on-farm.

About the speakers:

Sylvain Foray is an engineer specialising in agronomy and environment at the French Livestock Institute (IDELE) since 2012. Sylvian overlooks the environmental assessment of dairy farms focusing on the thematics of nitrogen and nitrates and their environmental impacts.

Dr Jouke Oenema is a scientist at Wageningen University & Research. Jouke has 20 years of research experience in the field of nutrient cycling on dairy farms. In 2013, Jouke finished his PhD “Transitions in nutrient management on commercial pilot farms in the Netherlands”. He is one of the founding partners of the ANCA tool, which is a result of the project ‘Cows & Opportunities’ and experimental farm ‘De Marke’.

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