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DIY Artificial Insemination (AI) Course

Ayrshire Multiple day event: 05 – 07 Sep

DIY AI can save you time and money by getting your cow inseminated at the right time without the stress of waiting for the technician.


Our DIY AI Courses are delivered over three days: 85% of the course time is devoted to hands-on tuition, so that the dexterity skills required have adequate time to be mastered.

All aspects of AI are covered, including: anatomy and physiology, legislation, safe handling of Liquid Nitrogen and semen straws, thawing procedures and the practical AI technique.
Practising the skill is on live cows, on farm. This on-farm environment gives a very relaxed training atmosphere. Assessment of the technique is done by ultrasound examination.
If you are interested, but undecided, please contact us and we can talk to you or put you in touch with a past student to hear a first hand account of the course.

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