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A pro-active approach to reducing lameness


Join us at an on-farm event to hear how Dan Burdett and his team are improving mobility in their organic herd and other developments from Dan’s first year as a Strategic Dairy Farm. 

Dan will share how the team is tackling lameness in cows at Cockhaise Farm, having identified the number of cases of white line disease and flare-ups of digital dermatitis as areas of concern. 

You’ll learn about their work with lameness specialist, Dr Nick Bell from Herd Health, using our new Healthy Feet Lite programme to reduce cases of lameness in the herd; all while taking part in an informative tour of the farm. 

The event will cover: 

  • Cow tracks – subsoil, turns, concrete sleepers, distances for lame cows
  • Cubicle beds and dimensions
  • Concrete condition – some slips, some rough and the effects of self-feed silage clamps over winter
  • Passageways – are they helping or hindering?
  • Benefits of routine foot trimming 

Sign up now and find out more about Dan and his team's progress and their pro-active plan to reduce lameness. 

A pro-active approach to reducing lameness | AHDB

To assist with biosecurity and conform to government guidelines please ensure outer clothing and vehicles are clean and that clean boots that can be disinfected are worn. Please note children under the age of 16 and dogs are not allowed at the event, even if they are staying in the car.

 About Cockhaise Farm: 

Cockhaise Farm in Sussex is owned and operated by Dan Burdett and his family. Taking over operations from his father in 2013, Dan now operates a tight autumn block calving herd of 240 Holstein and Friesian crosses. 

Dan continues in his pioneering father’s footsteps in producing organic milk on a low input low output system of dairy production.  They also operate a dairy farm on contract located in Kent that has a higher education focus as well as an autumn block calving herd.

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