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almost 2 years ago

Milk pool celebrations

Dairy farmers, milk processors and M&S staff recently came together to help celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of our industry-leading milk pool.

Since its establishments in the summer of 2000, the milk pool has continued as a dedicated producer group, with 35 specially selected and audited farms providing all the fresh, café and flavoured milk for their stores.

By combining a transparent cost of production-based pricing structure with a unique approach to animal health and welfare issues, they ensure that farmers are paid a fair price for milk, whilst maintaining the highest quality of production for customers.

To mark the milk pool’s fifteenth anniversary, a special lunch was held in Copthorne, West Sussex on 4th June. As part of the celebrations, a number of Milk Pool Awards were presented to farmers who had achieved outstanding performance across a range of categories.

These winners included W.S Millar & Son for Best Herd Mobility, JF Cobb & Son (Northground Dairy) for Lowest Antibiotic Use and Jeremy Bown for Highest Herd Health.

South Lynch Estate won the award for Best Cow Track, with John Downing coming first in the Best Calf Facilities category and John Trott securing the Commitment to Health & Welfare award.

Both Chris Spiby and Field Barn Farm won awards for Greatest Public Engagement and Bruce Guthrie was presented with the Peter Bramley Award, which recognises exceptional contribution to the milk pool.